More Solutions


We offer Design, Implementation, Support and Maintenance of Automation Solutions for Warehouses and Distribution Centers. We can integrate solutions of world-class supplier such as Vanderlande and KNAPP AG.

We develop the Middleware and integration software for the hardware and the different control tools or WMS in use.

Dedicated Solutions for Specific Industries

Considering the needs and characteristics of each industry, we provide the appropriate equipment for: cosmetics, Food, Fashion, Media, Healthcare, Office, Pharma, spares & Tools, E-Commerce, Tobacco, among others.

High-tech equipment

We provide, install, configure and Support and maintain: Conveyors, pick-to-Light, pick-to-Voice, OSR Shuttle, Autopicker, sorters, Trolleys, ACS, UPD and much more.

Solutions, Tools and Apps for Warehousing


Oracle Warehouse Management System ©, an Oracle Cloud-based solution for Warehouse Management that offers a wide range of features and functions, allowing it to fulfill the most demanding and complex operations.

  • Omni-channel support.
  • Easy to adapt for changing scenarios.
  • Shared Service Warehousing full-enablement.
  • Global Inventory Visibility.
  • Integrates and improves Global Logistics Networks.

TMS Solutions: OTM

Oracle Transportation Management

We provide TMS Solutions with focus on Consulting, Design, Implementation and Process Improvements for Transport and Distribution activities.

As Oracle Gold Partners, we are specialized on the Supply Chain Suite. For TMS we are experts on OTM, both cloud or on-premises.

We have more than 10 years experience on OTM, with implementations done in Europe and USA both for owned fleet as well as 3PL based services.

Services and Methodology

End-to-end offer por the selection, analysis, design, implementation, training, go-live and post-implementation support. We can also develop add-ons based on customer specific requests in order to improve and automate time-consuming / repetitive tasks and activities.

We use OUM (Oracle Unified Method) as our Standard for Management and Follow-up of Projects.

IoT for Logistics Installations

Environmental and Security Solutions for Warehouses, Distribution Centers, Operation Floors and Yards, Industrial Plants and Commerce


  • Perimeter and Access Control.
  • Automation of Lights, Doors and Portals through on-premises or cloud-based control and execution platforms.
  • Control and reaction Systems for Heat, Temperature, Flood, Humidity, Motion, Light, Sound, Color, Magnetic Distortion, Emergency Stops, etc.


  • Equipments and components can be configured independently according to each specific need, including extreme environmental conditions.
  • SaaS Platform that uses open-standards, customizable accordingly to each functional need.
  • Dashboard and multiple protocols support.
  • Turnkey Solutions.